The Top 5 Questions About CBD-Infused Coffee

As one of the pioneers of CBD (cannabidiol)-infused coffee, it’s no surpise that we get tons of questions. Between CBD products becoming more popular, and the fact that we choose to infuse it into our gourmet coffee, we find that people are always looking for more information. We attend numerous cannabis education events and tradeshows, and we’re always asked the same 5 questions over and over again. This blog answers them once and for all.

1. How do you infuse the beans?

The short answer, “Very carefully!” Everyone is always intrigued by the mystery of how we infuse our coffee with CBD. While our infusion process is a closely guarded secret, in reality we work hard to keep it as simple and as natural as possible. We’ve spent years developing an infusion method that keeps the coffee from spoiling and doesn’t add any harmful chemicals or additives. Try a cup and see for yourself.

2. Will this get me “high”?

This is usually one of the first questions people ask when they try our coffee at events. The answer is always the same, “No! SteepFuze coffee will not get you high.” The whole-plant CBD extract that we infuse our coffee with is hemp derived, and while it does contain trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis that gets people high, there isn’t nearly enough for someone to actually feel any effects from it. In order to be in compliance with the 2014 US Farm Bill, the hemp itself may not contain more than .03% THC by dry weight.

3. Will I fail a drug test?

This is probably the most difficult question we get asked, and the truth is, we can’t really answer it. As mentioned above, our coffee does contain very minimal amounts of THC due to the fact that we use full-spectrum extract. This means that all of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that were in the hemp are retained in our extract which is then infused into the coffee. While it’s extremely unlikely that you would fail a drug test, due to the trace amount of THC, it’s possible. Therefore we cannot safely tell someone that there’s no chance they’ll fail a drug test, and we would feel terrible if you did!

4. Does the CBD affect the caffeine in your coffee?

The first question we usually get asked when it comes to this is whether or not our coffee has caffeine in it. The answer is yes, but we do offer a decaffeinated variety as well. Our regular coffee contains the same amount as a “normal” cup of coffee (about 95-105 milligrams per 8 oz. cup). Next they’ll ask us how the CBD and the caffeine interplay with each other. This is actually pretty unique. Caffeine is water-soluble, meaning that when you brew your coffee, the caffeine in the beans dissolves into the water and into your cup. The caffeine in the water is then absorbed by your body very quickly which is why it only takes the caffeine about 20 minutes to kick in after drinking a cup of coffee. The thing is, caffeine is also oil-soluble. This means that when we add the CBD oil into the coffee, some of the caffeine from the beans absorb directly into the CBD oil.

5. Why coffee?

At the end of the day, there are dozens of ways that people can take CBD. That’s why one of the questions we get asked the most often is why we choose to put our CBD in coffee. The full story of how we began infusing coffee can be found here, but in essence, we infuse CBD into coffee because we find the two components to be perfectly synergetic. The goal in developing SteepFuze coffee was never only about creating another means of getting one’s daily dose of CBD, but to craft a truly unique concoction in which the benefits of both CBD and coffee come together to enhance everything about the experience of our product.

We hope this blog answered your burning questions, but this is only scratching the surface. To really get your mind percolating, try a fresh cup of SteepFuze coffee!



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