Coffee & Cannabis: A Century’s Old Blend

By August 2, 2019 February 18th, 2020 CBD Education, CBD History, CBD Information

It seems like everywhere you look today you can find cannabis in more and more consumer goods and foods. Everything from THC-infused sodas and candies of all kinds to CBD crackers and even pizza sauce and hemp burgers! At SteepFuze, our favorite infusion is obviously coffee. While our technique for infusing whole coffee beans is a relatively new invention, when you drink a cup of cannabis-infused coffee, you are actually participating in a tradition that is over 200 years old!

It is believed that consumable cannabis was first introduced into Europe and the western world in the early 1800s after Napoleon’s troops invaded Egypt. While in Egypt and unable to consume alcohol, the men discovered hashish and started bringing it back to France and it eventually became available in most pharmacies.

In 1844 when the Romantic period was coming into its full, Dr. Jacques-Joseph Moreau tried to study the effects of this unique substance but found that it was too intoxicating for him to both use and study. He met with the famous French Romantic writer, Théophile Gautier and along with some of the most famous and influential writers and poets of the time including Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo, Honoré de Balzac, Charles Baudelaire, and many more, they formed “Le Club des Hachichins” or “The Hash Club.”

The club would gather monthly at the gothic Hôtel Lauzun in a large banquet room that had been meticulously decorated with lavish comforts for feasts that they called “séances”. They would all come dressed in traditional Arab robes and would begin the feast with a large serving of hashish. They would make a blend of hashish, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pistachio, sugar, orange juice, and butter to make a paste that they called dawamesk and they would serve the paste in… you guessed it, COFFEE!

The group would drink their infused coffee and then they would partake in the glorious feast while the effects began to manifest and then for hours afterward they would discuss and write on philosophy, art, and life itself in an atmosphere of both intellect and debauchery.

Researching the Club demonstrates that the mystic and wonderful interaction between coffee and cannabis is nothing new. It has been consumed, enjoyed, and even studied for centuries. While the recipes for our hemp extract infused coffees are specifically formulated to have no intoxicating effects like the coffees served at Le Club des Hachichins, the intriguing and ancient blend is still available today to anyone interested in sampling the tradition.

“Very good then; you have even, to make it act more quickly and vigorously, imbibed your dose of [extract] in a cup of black coffee. You have taken care to have the stomach empty, to give full liberty of action to the potion. You are now sufficiently provisioned for a long and strange journey; the steamer has whistled, the sails are trimmed; and you have this curious advantage over ordinary travelers, that you have no idea where you are going.” – The Poem of Hashish by Charles Baudelaire

To help you try this wonderful tradition out for yourself, click the button below and order your favorite brew. We hope you enjoy a taste from Le Club des Hachichins!