Cannabis Confusion: Common Misconceptions Around Cannabis

With the cannabis industry growing and becoming more and more popular, a lot of misconceptions are on the rise too. We’ve compiled eight of the most common ones and want to set the record straight!

1. TRUE OR FALSE: Hemp and Cannabis Are Different Plants

FALSE! This is said frequently, and is not exactly true. “Hemp” and “Marijuana” are scientifically both Cannabis sativa L. They’re both of the Cannabis genus belonging to the Cannabacea family. The difference is in the way they are bred. Marijuana is bred for its resinous buds more concentrated with the psychoactive compound, THC. Hemp on the other hand is bred for its fibers and seed oils.

2. TRUE OR FALSE: Hemp Oil Contains CBD

FALSE! Sorry, but Whole Foods hasn’t been selling CBD under our noses for the last few decades, and Dr. Bonners hasn’t been infusing CBD into their soaps since the 1950s. Hemp Oil is sold everywhere. It’s produced by physically cold-pressing the immaculately cleaned seeds of the Hemp plant. The oil itself is an excellent source of healthy fats, but contains no activated cannabinoids like CBD or THC.

3. TRUE OR FALSE: CBD Can Get You High

FALSE! We know Hemp and Marijuana are both of the same Cannabis species. They both have cannabinoids, the active chemical compounds found in all Cannabis plants. They both contain THC, the naturally occurring psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for the euphoria Marijuana users report. They also both contain CBD. While Hemp can be no greater than 0.3% THC by weight, today some Marijuana strains are exceeding 30% THC – literally 100x the concentration of Hemp’s legally defined THC limit. The Cannabidiol compound, CBD, by itself will not get you high. Whether or not a product produces a high depends solely on the concentration of the cannabinoids it’s coupled with, namely THC.

4. TRUE OR FALSE: CBD From Hemp Is Not As Good As CBD From Marijuana

FALSE! This argument may have been true a while ago, but context has never been more critical: it really depends where your Hemp comes from, and for what it was grown. Before this recent boom in American Hemp cultivation, most Hemp was (and still is) grown industrially abroad in Europe and Asia. The plants are tall and thin, have few buds, many seeds, and are grown seemingly as densely as possible. Historically it’s been the industrial fibers and seed oils that are important to those markets – not the cannabinoids. Some Hemp strains in Colorado are now testing over 20% CBD (and still remaining under the 0.3% THC, of course), while most European Hemp sits in the low single digits, at best. So, similar to knowing whether your CBD was extracted from Hemp or Marijuana, it is also important to learn whether your CBD was extracted from Hemp grown for CBD (like the domestic, organically-grown Hemp in all of our products) or Hemp grown for industrial fiber and oil purposes (like most imported Hemp products).

5. TRUE OR FALSE: Hemp Is The Male Version of Marijuana

FALSE! Hemp and Marijuana both have male and female sexes. Male Marijuana plants exist, but the produce pollen sacks and contains little THC. The female version of Marijuana is what most of the world recognizes as Cannabis – big bushy plants with resinous, dense flowers, heavily concentrated with the coveted and euphoric THC. However, right now in Colorado and many other states, female Hemp plants look and smell just like THC-laden female Marijuana plants because of the shift in demand to grow Hemp rich in cannabinoids instead of fibers and oils.

6. TRUE OR FALSE: THC Only Comes From Marijuana

FALSE! THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in Cannabis plants. Hemp and Marijuana are both Cannabis, and both contain THC. Someone looking for a psychoactive or euphoric experience should consume THC, and since Hemp is specifically designated as Cannabis that is very low in THC, the best source is Marijuana. Intentionally smoking Hemp for a “high” would leave someone very frustrated and mentally and physically taxed.

7. TRUE OR FALSE: CBD Only Comes From Hemp

FALSE! This myth is also passed around in a similar light. Because CBD is known for it’s benefits as a non-psychoactive compound, it’s associated with Hemp because Hemp is legal and doesn’t produce a high. But it still naturally occurs in Marijuana (and certain sunflowers!), and is by no means exclusive to Hemp.

8. TRUE OR FALSE: All Hemp Legends Are Accurate

FALSE! Some of them are true though!

George Washington grew Hemp at Mt. Vernon…TRUE!

The Declaration of Independence was written on Hemp…FALSE!

Back in 1938 Popular Mechanics did indeed proclaim Hemp to one day be a billion-dollar industry (likely a fact by 2020)…TRUE!

We hope this blog helped to set the record straight on some of the common misconceptions around Cannabis. Got a question? Just ask!



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