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The magic of SteepFuze begins with congenitally blind Master Coffee Roaster and Owner of The Unseen Bean, Gerry Leary. Using his super-human sense of smell and hearing, Gerry roasts our organically grown, fair trade, 100% Arabica beans to perfection. The foundation of our coffee lines, The Original, is the classic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe bean.

Complementing every small-batch roast is a full-spectrum CBD (Cannabidiol) extract that’s derived from organically grown Hemp. While these extracts smelling of cherry and pepper are delicious in their own right, they can often overpower the original coffee notes. After years of experimentation and thousands of oftentimes unpleasant cups of coffee, we settled on a way to preserve Gerry’s roast and its complete flavor profile. It turns out it’s best to infuse hemp extracts directly into the naturally occurring oils expressed from the raw coffee beans during the roasting process.

We’re excited to have produced a fortified coffee that stays fresher for longer and is easily incorporated into any treasured daily routine. The addition of CBD can ease many of coffee’s commonly experienced negative side affects, and is perhaps the most approachable way to try products in this rapidly emerging Health and Wellness category.

SteepFuze is proud to offer gourmet CBD Infused Coffee, but our story does not end here! Kind people like you continue to request new products and provide invaluable feedback, so we are always hard at “work” in the lab improving formulations and developing the next innovative product… Thank you for helping us keep working with our passions! Enjoy!